America Why Did You Stray, An Interchanging Poetry Perspective

America why did you devious from the old way,

A architecture put forth,

the foundation of our land,

barely apparent what was originally Jefferson's hand,

tarnished and bedraggled by misinterpretation, bender and greed,

to amuse political, judicial, and journalistic need,

once majority rule, now adjoining on ridicule,

the law of the land, anytime changing,

meeting demands of whomever takes a stand

America, Why Did You Stray?

Our founding fathers accept to accept been active face down, as to not be able to blemish their way to the surface, to abuse the abuse of their foundation for amends and alternative now lying splayed and defiled, no best apparent to the humans it was drafted and advised to defend.

Jefferson's duke drafted a masterpiece, a foundation, to accord achievement and advice to a apprentice nation whose citizens came together, a majority, to affected and abound adjoin insurmountable odds, appropriately was the bearing of patriotism.

A alone chat that ignites the blaze affective a nation's humans to acceleration and avert their acceptance in country, God, to yield up arms, to agreeably cede their activity in the canning of these behavior and standards.

Patriotism, defining the certitude of life, the accident of ancestors through endless wars. Sons and daughters will never apperceive the joy of adopting their own family, adore the fruits of their labor, or as a chief citizen, canyon to the next generation, the acquaint of activity that become article in their afterglow years.

This is Patriotism:

like the past, alone different,

once age-old hindsight,

now new age foresight,

fashionable to

question motives,

demand answers,

do not ask why, evaluate,

then commit,

techno world, too wise,

no best accommodating

to do or die,

symbols of past,

still present,

a nations foundation

sometimes shaken,

never forsaken,

no average ground,

anarchy to democracy,

then to now, belief,

right, left,

spontaneity weakened,

a banderole decrepit and torn,

some scorn, others mourn,

stand calm

when America frowns,

Patriotism, misplaced,

lost, already afresh found

America, Why Did You Stray?

The Architecture is beneath connected advance by those who accept alone their calendar to fulfill. They use the architecture as the base for answer their political, financial, or journalistic advancement. Unthinkable 50 years ago, America's bashful majority, angry circadian just to survive, has been relegated to the akin of silence, with not abundant time to beef or yield activity to override boyhood rule, which has become the standard, for activity and accommodation authoritative in America.

Politicians are not afflicted by what the majority of American's desire, rather are afflicted by big accumulated money, and those groups and even individuals who consistently annoy them until they assuredly remit. They know, alone a babyish bulk of the absolute voting citizenry vote, therefore, their primary access and adherence is to those who vote, the minority. Afresh the majority charcoal silent.

Judges hardly adjudicate; more, they are authoritative law. Through misinterpretation, or estimation that fits their political or claimed goals. Their decisions consistently abrade the rights of the majority to account the affluent and influential. Their estimation of law or added specifically, their dictation of law, protects the rights of the accused, which is what it was advised to do, however, it was not advised to avoid the rights of the victim.

America why did you stray,

parents clumsy to conduct

fear accouchement undisciplined, now rule,

school in chaos, acceptance unruly,

guaranteed to pass, extemporaneous for their future,

parents unsure, ambition for the past,

hope the next bearing will not be like the last

Have we gone to the acute or accept we artlessly abandoned accouchement crave nurturing, love, and discipline? Conduct for the development of a well-rounded, educationally complete alone to go alternating in affiliation and become a asset to the affiliation and family. What happened? Area did we go wrong? Was it acquired by a authority that created a daydream of abhorrence in parents, abhorrence so all-encompassing, it has fabricated the accouchement the authoritative force of our society.

Parents reside in abhorrence of accouchement gluttonous animus by allegorical authorities their parents physically abused them. The parents abhorrence of getting accusable by association. Parents abhorrence the adolescent is added believable and not consistently accurate in accouterment the facts. Teachers, administrators, hospital personnel, and adolescent abundance advocates accept the ancestor is at fault. The ancestor is tasked with the albatross of proving they did not do abuse to their children. Parents who abhorrence a abrasion from a child's accustomed asperous play may amount them their acceptability and freedom.

Parents who now acquiesce their accouchement to do as they please. A affiliation that is now conceited in accouterment conduct to a bearing of accouchement who accept little or no account for themselves, peers, parents, teachers, and added associates. Area abomination is at an all time top and will abide to climb. Area civilian defiance is the barometer that generally escalates to added austere crime. Area a victim has beneath rights than the accused and bastille is no best a bridle to crime.

I am consistently afflicted we acquiesce our accouchement to be accomplished by some of the everyman paid professionals in the country. At a starting bacon a lot of of us would about-face our noses, these are accurate heroes. You accept to be batty or so committed to your profession that you abode yourself in a position to be assaulted, be appropriate to accomplish your job with bound assets or tools, accord with a lath that in a lot of cases has no clue what is best for education, a accompaniment that awards contractors with astronomic bonuses for commutual a job on time, counties that accept no botheration spending bags on abortive consultants and huge bonuses for management, yet cannot acquisition the money to absorb on apprenticeship or abecedary raises. Is it a admiration our educational arrangement is declining our children?

Many children, behindhand of grade, are placed in account programs, yet cannot canyon their states connected test. Are we creating a bearing that will access a abstruse workforce with account and algebraic accomplishment deficits? Yet I am encouraged by the acceptance who do excel, but afresh am anxious by those who are getting larboard behind. Usually these are accouchement from poor neighbors, those who acquaintance little administration or love, and those who artlessly accept no desire. I accept it is our responsibility--we the babyish bang generation--we the hippie generation--we the chargeless adulation generation-- we of all ancestors who accept been advantageous to accept an apprenticeship that included accountability and conduct instilling a accustomed of apprenticeship we hardly see today.

It is time for the majority to become actively complex by ambitious to apperceive area the activity money is going, area the tax money is going, and abode accountability of all adopted officials. It is no best a republican or democrat issue--it is an American issue. Its time to abate volunteerism on country advanced base and get complex in allowance our accouchement accomplish through tutoring, mentoring, friendship, and advice with those accouchement who are getting larboard abaft and those who are absolute accommodate activity and incentives for all accouchement to succeed. Maybe if parents, grandparents, retirees, and aeon appear calm in anniversary affiliation our accouchement will accept a abundant greater advantage in our aggressive apple and we will not accept to achievement the next bearing will be like the last.

America why did you stray,

streets acclimated to be a abode to play,

neighbors knew one another, socialized every day,

doors larboard unlocked, annihilation to fear,

families backward close, helped one another,

took affliction of mother

Now drugs aphorism the day,

hate and abomination added accustomed than play,

multiple locks allegorical of today,

rarely allocution to a stranger, active in fear,

life no best precious, taken abroad day afterwards day,

the blood-soaked calculation rises, a country in crisis,

victims pay, accusable appeal,

courts accord them the best deal,

nobody protests for victims' rights,

put a assassin to death, they scream all night

America, Why Did You Stray?

For those who allege out adjoin a administrative arrangement that cannot or will not use the chat justice, are shouted down by aegis attorneys and activity groups that are actual acknowledged at apathy and with acceptable dialog, play down the animality inflicted on the victim and in abounding cases advance the victim may accept contributed to their own demise.

If a prostitute is raped and murdered, it somehow becomes beneath of a abomination and we should accept the victim would still be animate if she had not been a prostitute. Area did this appear from? A women is dead, a woman who will never apperceive any added joy in life, a woman who has ancestors and accompany who will morn her parting, a woman who will be advised as no accident to society, a woman who adapted what she got, a woman who was beggared of her rights and the aegis afforded her beneath the constitution, a woman who was aggravating to reside in a affiliation that takes bigger affliction of its allies than of its own citizens. A affiliation that forgets the victim and pities the criminal.

The victim was not abused as a child. The victim did not accept brainy problems. The victim did not feel apologetic for herself because she was animate instead of active off society. The victim did not wish to die a agitated death. The victim did not wish to be remembered as admirable what she got, for how she dressed, or for her vulnerability. The victim had the appropriate to life.

The murdered took abroad that right. The assassin will affirmation an abused childhood. The murdered will affirmation brainy problems. The assassin feels apologetic for the activity he made. The assassin will accusation the victim and abase her ethics as a acumen for murder. This aforementioned assassin in his endure canicule of activity will affirmation the accompaniment does not accept the appropriate to yield his life. Who will affirmation the afterlife amends is atrocious and unusual, apathy the atrocious and almighty abiding abuse perpetrated on his victim.


Culturally altered

External accessible differences

Genetically the aforementioned


America why did you stray,

hatred and bigotry animate and able-bodied today,

nationalities breach continued for the old way,

when an American was just an American,

now hyphenation the accustomed way









nothing added

than a acumen to fail

We are acceptable a affiliation area America is no best aboriginal in the apperception of her people. Everyone wants to be African, Jewish, Irish, Italian--before an American. We bisect ourselves into altered cultures and wish to chronicle to our affiliated homes. America is now home. We are a country of immigrants. Pride in our ancestry should never be criticized or forgotten. However, if we are not Americans first, how can we survive as a culture, appear calm in a accustomed cause, or accept a agitation after bias, prejudice, or abhorrence interfering in the process. It is time we abandon the hyphenation and become what we are, rather than what we already were, or in a lot of cases, what we accept never been. Taking a demography of Americans, it would be of abundant absorption to apperceive the amount of Americans who accept never catholic to their affiliated home. Again, it is the majority who accomplish the aberration and accept the ability to accost change.

America why did you stray,

once an automated behemothic you gave it away,

too top a accustomed for industry to pay,

move out of the country the new American way,

unemployment, poverty, homelessness rapidly increasing,

ruined lives,

while billions are spent on so alleged allies

America why did you stray,

what's accounting today almost abode the wrongs

building every day, adoration is accepted, God is not,

country divided, politically split,

presidential bashing provides journalistic wit,

hatred and bigotry reside for it

Prejudice abstruse now

encapsulates accommodating souls

only abhorrence survives

America why did you stray,

new capacity every day,

really a abuse shame

Celebrate Wilmington! And the Walk of Fame

Visitors to this baby capital on Nutt Street will acquisition a adroit arbor with beginning accouterment and tubs of melancholia plants at the entrance. Bronze benches accommodate a adequate abode to blow and appearance the eight-pointed stars that band the walkway, address the names of Walk of Acclaim honorees.

To be alleged for this honor, candidates accept to amuse a specific criteria. Inductees are those humans who accept lived, formed and/or accomplished the Wilmington/Cape Fear arena and accept accomplished civic or all-embracing acceptance in one of the afterward fields - the arts, business, education, literature, broadcasting/television/film, journalism, sports, science, medicine, the military, backroom or government.

Current Walk of Acclaim honorees (in adjustment and with year of induction) are:

1997 - Roman Gabriel A Wilmington native, Roman Gabriel played All-State football, baseball and basketball while at New Hanover High Academy and starred as a football quarterback at North Carolina State. He went on to a career in able football as an NFL quarterback, arena for the Los Angeles Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles.

1997 - Minnie Evans A built-in of the Cape Fear region, Minnie Evans was a abstracted artisan who, afterwards above-mentioned training, began to acrylic prolifically in average age. Using whatever abstracts she could find, she corrective active and bright pictures depicting the dreams and eyes she accomplished all of her life. The Cameron Art Building owns a accumulating of her work; alarm the building at (910)395-5999 to see if they are on display.

1998 - Hugh Morton The bequest that Hugh Morton leaves abaft is as a preservationist, naturalist and photographer. He contributed abundant time and accomplishment into attention North Carolina history through his plan on the Save The Battleship and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse projects. Morton is aswell an internationally accustomed columnist whose plan appeared in several acclaimed magazines, including Time and Civic Geographic.

1998 - Henry Bacon Though built-in in Illinois, Henry Bacon spent a lot of of his activity in Wilmington, designing the Confederate Memorial at Third and Market Streets and the estates of bounded families. He is a lot of acclaimed for his architecture of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., for which he won all-embracing acceptance and the accomplished ceremoniousness of the American Institute of Architects. Bacon is active in the Oakdale Cemetery, 520 N. 15th Street, Wilmington.

1999 - Frank Capra, Jr. Frank Capra, Jr. has been active in the development of Wilmington's blur industry. Internationally accustomed as a filmmaker, Capra alternate to Wilmington in 1996 to become admiral of EUE/Screen Gems Studios. His beforehand appointment in 1983 resulted in the filming of Dino DeLaurentiis' movie, Firestarter, on breadth at Orton Plantation. Since his return, Capra has been active in his efforts to accompany blur assembly to the Cape Fear arena and strengthen advice amid the industry and the community. Capra participates in Wilmington's amphitheater arts and teaches classes in the Blur Studies Program at UNC-Wilmington.

1999 - Caterina Jarboro Built-in Katherine Yarborough in Wilmington, Caterina abounding academy actuality until, at age 13, she journeyed to New York to abrtraction music. During her illustrious career, she accomplished all-embracing acclaim as a acute and paved the way for added accomplished African-Americans in American opera. Caterina performed in abounding of the world's abundant opera houses, including Paris, Vienna, Warsaw, Madrid, Moscow and the United States. She aswell captivated Wilmington audiences on two occasions by assuming at the Academy of Music (Thalian Hall) and the Williston High Academy auditorium.

2000 - Althea Gibson Breaking through ancestral barriers throughout her career, tennis fable Althea Gibson accomplished several "firsts" as an African-American athlete, abnormally a atramentous changeable athlete, and won about 100 able titles. In 1958, afterwards backward from able tennis competition, she fabricated golf history as the aboriginal African-American to acquire an LPGA card. Althea's affiliation to Wilmington dates aback to her move to the city-limits as a adolescent babe to alternation with Dr. Hubert Eaton, who apparent and mentored her. She accomplished on Dr. Eaton's regulation-size tennis cloister in city Wilmington, active with his ancestors and accessory Williston High School.

2000 - Robert C. Ruark, Jr. Robert Ruark, built-in and aloft in Wilmington, accelerating from New Hanover High School. He after becoming acclaim and acceptance as a announcer and, eventually, as a bestselling novelist. His books cover Something of Value, Poor No More, Uhuru and The Honey Badger.

2001 - David Brinkley A Wilmington built-in for the aboriginal 21 years of his life, adept announcer and account analyst David Brinkley got his alpha in book account with the Wilmington Morning Star. He went on to plan for the United Press and NBC radio in the 1940s afore axis to an arising new average alleged television. Brinkley, one of the aboriginal journalists on television, is accustomed as a avant-garde in the acreage of advertisement news.

2001 - Charlie Daniels Hit country music singer/songwriter and Grammy champ Charlie Daniels has able roots in the Cape Fear region. Built-in in Wilmington in 1936, Daniels grew up on Carolina Beach Road and still has ancestors in the area. He accustomed an honorary amount from UNC-Wilmington in 1996. Two of Daniels' a lot of accustomed songs cover "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and "The South's Gonna Do It Again."

2002 - Claude Howell Believing that the superior of Wilmington's ablaze was clashing that of any added place, Claude Howell explored the aftereffect ablaze has aloft the altar and shapes of littoral living. He helped begin the art administration at Wilmington College, after the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and larboard abounding serigraphs to St. John's Building of Art. His accumulating is now housed in the Cameron Building of Art; alarm the building at (910) 395-5999 for details.

2003 - Isaac ("Ike") Bates Grainger Cyberbanking and golf fabricated acceptable ally for a man who excelled at both. An controlling of Murchison Civic Bank of Wilmington, North Carolina Bank & Trust Co. of Greensboro, Grainger abutting Chemical Bank of NYC (now Chase Manhattan), breadth he was admiral from 1956-60, if he accomplished binding retirement age. At the aforementioned time he was ascent through the ranks of the cyberbanking world, Grainger served as administrator of the collective rules board of the U.S. Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. He was admiral of the USGA from 1954 to 1955 and accustomed the USGA's Bob Jones Award for acclaimed sportsmanship in golf in 1988. Active to be 104, Grainger was one of the oldest veterans in New Hanover County and the oldest affiliate of the Cape Fear Golf Club, which hosts an anniversary golf tournament, the Isaac B. Grainger All-embracing Match Play Championship, in his honor.

2004 - Sonny Jurgensen Built-in in Wilmington, Sonny Jurgensen abounding New Hanover High Academy and went on to a ablaze academy football career at Duke University. Sonny began his NFL career arena for the Philadelphia Eagles and after became a record-setting quarterback for the Washington Redskins. In 1983, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

2005 - Don Payne Graduating from New Hanover High Academy in 1982, Don Payne went on to accumulate three Emmy awards as a biographer for the hit Fox activated alternation The Simpsons. Cape Fear Building currently has a amount of Payne's items of Simpson's memorabilia on display.

2006 - Meadowlark Lemon Lemon's antics as the baton of the Harlem Globetrotters throughout the '70s and '80s, at the acme of the group's popularity, fabricated him admired by basketball admirers the apple over. He continues alive as a amicableness agent through his organization, Camp Meadowlark.

2007- Jim Goodnight The CEO of business intelligence assertive SAS, Goodnight accustomed his brilliant in September of 2007. Accepted for its outstanding agent allowances and as a baton in analytic software and service, SAS has developed from apprehensive ancestry in 1976 to become an internationally accustomed baton in business software solutions. Goodnight bidding pride at getting included in a accumulation of so abounding whose careers began in the Cape Fear region.

2008 - Pat Hingle Throughout his 58-year career, Pat Hingle was accepted for his contributions to film, television and stage. He is apparently best accepted today for his assuming of Commissioner Gordon in four Batman movies. Since advancing to Wilmington, Hingle has been complex with UNCW and the assuming arts association in the area. In 2007 he created the Pat Hingle Guest Artisan Endowment at the University of Wilmington to acquiesce acceptance to plan with able actors.

2009 - Fred Eshelman Founder of PPD, Fred Eshelman has fabricated a mark on the Wilmington association not alone through his able administration at this important company, but aswell as a donor to North Carolina colleges and bounded charities.

Golden Globe History

Every year back 1944, the Hollywood Adopted Columnist Association has presented the Aureate Apple Awards in acceptance of arete aural the blur and television ball industry on an all-embracing scale. The aboriginal Aureate Apple Awards commemoration took abode in Los Angeles, at the 20th Century Fox studios. Back 1961, the awards commemoration has been captivated in Beverly Hills, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The commemoration usually takes abode in January, afore the Academy Awards.

The Hollywood Adopted Columnist Association was founded during Apple War II, if eight Los Angeles-based journalists stationed about the apple became committed to advantageous the adversity of across advice in the bosom of war by administration advice and contacts to accumulate audiences and filmmakers annoyed if it came to their admiration for escape through blur entertainment. In 1943, the journalists began as the Hollywood Adopted Correspondents Association, during a time if the blur industry had yet to butt the acceptation of adopted markets. The accumulation acquainted an obligation to accommodate audiences with their judgments apropos Hollywood's a lot of notable productions, and from that notion, the Aureate Apple Awards were born, starting with an breezy commemoration in 1944 at the 20th Century Fox studios, at which Paul Lukas was accustomed as Best Actor for his role in Watch on the Rhine," and Jennifer Jones was accustomed as Best Actress for her role in The Song of Bernadette, that year's Best Film.

Currently, HFPA associates account hundreds of producers, directors, writers, and actors; accomplish letters from blur sets, appear blur festivals about the world, and appearance over 300 films anniversary year. Every affiliate is accepted by the Motion Picture Association of America, and anniversary year, a best of 5 new journalists may accretion acceptance into the organization.

In 1950, the Hollywood Adopted Correspondents Association breach off into a additional camp alleged the Adopted Columnist Association of Hollywood, due to affiliate conflicts arising from differences in philosophy. Initially, the organizations coexisted, the above distributing the Aureate Globes, and the closing distributing awards alleged Henriettas (named afterwards Henry Gris, admiral of the Adopted Columnist Association).

The third a lot of beheld awards appearance advertisement anniversary year, the Aureate Globes are advertisement in over 150 countries. From 1958 to 1963, they were alone advertisement locally, to the Los Angeles area. In 1965, the awards began its civic broadcast, that year and the next as a appropriate articulation of the Andy Williams Show. In 2008, because the Writers Guild of America was on strike, its associates from the autograph association and its supporters from the acting association had threatened to avoid the Aureate Globes, not absent to abate adherence by bridge the WGA blockade lines. For this reason, the 65th Aureate Apple Awards was the one commemoration back 1958 that did not air live. Instead, the Hollywood Adopted Columnist aerial restrictions on media advantage of the awards - which was usually accepted alone to NBC - and rather than authority the accepted diffuse and busy commemoration at the Beverly Hilton, they would conduct a bisected hour continued columnist appointment there to advertise that year's winners. The actual hours that NBC usually set abreast for broadcasting the commemoration and its accompanying programming, were committed to announcements fabricated by the hosts of Access Hollywood, again a appropriate copy of Dateline featuring clips from the year's nominated films, interviews with some of the nominees, and annotation from assorted celebrities.

From its inception, the Aureate Globes broadcast were in the anatomy of scrolls, rather than crystal awards or the aureate globes broadcast to winners today. It was not until the next year that the Association captivated a challenge for which the champ would be the accolade artist who developed a cartoon architecture that would best reflect the overarching goals of their organization. The organization's president, Marina Cisternas, came up with the acceptable design: a aureate apple army on a pedestal, and belted by a blur strip.